Subscription Pricing vs.
One-Time Fee



There is a one-time set-up fee for the version purchased ($49 US for Gorilla Scheduling or Gorilla Budgeting or the Gorilla Combo Pack).

Each month you will be billed $20 (for Gorilla Scheduling or Gorilla Budgeting) or $30 (for the Gorilla Combo Pack), until you cancel your subscription.

No set-up fee. Each year you will be billed $240 (for Gorilla Scheduling or Gorilla Budgeting) or $360 (for the Gorilla Combo Pack), until you cancel your subscription. 

Academic/Multiuser License
No set-up fee. Each year you will be billed $120* (for Gorilla Scheduling or Gorilla Budgeting) or $180* (for the Gorilla Combo Pack), *per license purchased. School verification is required for academic versions.

Subscription benefits include:

  • The most current version of the software
  • Free Tech Support
  • New Feature released each month (see feature/fixes updates)
  • Ability to cancel subscription at any time (monthly option)
  • Option to pause subscription (monthly only) once per 12-month period. For details see pausing subscription)

Please Note: If you decide to renew a monthly subscription after cancellation of more than 60 days (see pausing subscription), you will be charged another set-up fee at time of renewal.

Upgrades to Combo Pack

If you purchased Scheduling (or Budgeting) and want to upgrade to the Combo Pack, you can’t just purchase Budgeting (or Scheduling) — you need a unique Combo activation key. Contact us and we will guide you through the process of upgrading properly.

One-Time Fee

Koala Call Sheets, The Gorilla Ratebook, and StoryO are all one-time purchases for that version of the software.

We no longer offer Transfer of Ownership service for Gorilla. If you no longer wish to own the software, please cancel your subscription

Jungle Software Refund Policy

At Jungle Software, we want you to be happy with your software purchase. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support staff: Submit a Support Ticket or call (877) 497-3301 toll free within the United States or (818) 456-0719.

Since Gorilla is on a subscription basis we do not offer refunds. We also offer a demo of all our products for you to try out to see if you want to purchase, which we strongly recommend you do prior to purchasing. Make sure the product installs properly and works for your production needs! We are here to help you install the product even if you are using the demo. However, if you are not sure you want to keep it for more than 30 days, we encourage you to subscribe with the monthly option so that you can cancel your subscription if not satisfied within the 30-day period.

We do not offer refunds on Koala Call Sheets, StoryO, or The Gorilla Ratebook.

Auto Renewal Policy

If you purchased the Monthly subscription and it auto-renewed before you cancelled, we do not offer refunds for the month. Please cancel your subscription so you will not be renewed for the next month. You can do this by selecting the My Account button on this site on the toolbar.

If you purchased the Annual subscription your subscription will auto-renew after one year unless you cancel the subscription. If you did not cancel before the auto-renewal date, you have 48 hours to cancel and we will refund the amount charged minus a $49 cancellation fee. Please e-mail within 48 hours to request a refund minus this fee. We cannot cancel your subscription by phone or by chat.

We do not send out renewal reminders for subscriptions. Please mark your calendars if you intend to cancel your subscription BEFORE the auto-renewal date. 

** Please do not e-mail us at support or sales to cancel your subscription. Log in to your account and cancel your subscription BEFORE the auto-renewal date if this is your intention. We do not offer refunds on a subscription that has renewed automatically. *

Subscription Policy can change. Please check back for any updates.

Take a Peek at Scheduling

Watch a short video and learn how easy it is to get started with Gorilla Scheduling.

Take a Peek at Budgeting

Watch a short video and learn how easy it is to get started with Gorilla Budgeting.


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