The Gorilla Ratebook.

12,000+ rates from over agreements.

A Gorilla Budgeting Add-On.

Simple to Move Around…

Just Click to Find a Rate

Easily jump from one Module (LA Crew, SAG, etc.) to another. Select an Agreement and Union from from a pull-down list within a section and the application displays rates for that Agreement/Union.

Rates from All Over the World…

Unions and Low Budget

The Gorilla Ratebook is not a pdf document or simple list like other labor rate “e-books”. It works with Gorilla Budgeting* with clickable actions, search features and intuitive navigation.

* The Gorilla Ratebook requires Gorilla Budgeting or Combo Pack

It’s not overwhelming…

Searching Rates

Speedily search by Agreement, Union, Position/Title, Effective Date and/or Rate.


Gorilla Integration

As an add-on module to Gorilla, union rates are available right within the Budgeting module. Simply search for the rate you want and then click on the rate to pop it in on a budget line.

Companion Products

Purchase Gorilla Budgeting alone, Combo it with Gorilla Scheduling or extend features via Companion Apps

Gorilla Budgeting

$20 / month or $240 / year

Koala Call Sheets

$49 one-time fee

Gorilla Scheduling

$20 / month or $240 / year

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