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Traditional film budgeting including globals, fringes, sub-groups, tax credits, deferments, 4th level, ratebook integration and expense tracking.

Gorilla Studio 8 Budgeting

Easy as …

No other budgeting software has as many professional features as Gorilla Budgeting. It’s as easy as…


1. Select a Template

From studio to indie to student…


2. Pop in Rates

Enter manually, import from the Ratebook, or import from Scheduling…


3. Print Your Budget

Print an industry-standard Topsheet and Detail report…

“The training videos are outstanding — so clear to follow. Really appreciated.”

– Loyal Customer since Version 5

Best Features in the Industry

Gorilla Budgeting is a complete budgeting solution.

Join the tens of thousands of existing customers who use Gorilla Budgeting for their film, video, and online productions.

“Thank you! BTW this software is the best thing that has happened to me. I have been using Excel and Quickbooks — never again.”

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Gorilla Budgeting is available in a monthly or yearly subscription model, so you will always have the latest software.

Bundle it with Scheduling!

Purchase a Pack and get up to 5 installs for your team. Note: Gorilla is not a cloud -based program. Users can send schedules and budgets to one another.


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Class License Available

Companion Products

Purchase Gorilla Budgeting alone, Combo it with Gorilla Scheduling or extend features via Companion Apps

Gorilla Scheduling

$20/month or $30/month for Combo Pack

Koala Call Sheets

$49 one-time fee


The Gorilla Ratebook


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