Pausing Subscription

Pausing Subscription

Available for monthly subscribers is the option to pause your subscription once per 12-month period without paying the $49 set-up fee again.

 The $49 Set-Up Fee is required for a monthly subscription. If you opt to pause your subscription, you can do so for up to 60 days. If you renew your subscription within the 60-day period, if you contact us BEFORE you renew, you can get a coupon code that waives the $49 Set-Up Fee when you renew.

All your Gorilla data will be available to you IF you do not uninstall or delete the Gorilla program and the Gorilla files on your computer.

This can be done once per 12-month period. After 12 months of renewing the subscription, the option to pause the subscription is available again.



You purchase any monthly subscription ($20 or $30) and initially pay the $49 Set-Up Fee. 

Three months into the subscription you decide you want to pause the subscription for up to 60 days. Go ahead and cancel your subscription through the site in the “My Account” tab above. There is no need to contact us. 

Your subscription is still active for the remainder of the subscription month.

After 1 day to 60 days, if you decide you want to renew the subscription, please contact us via e-mail or On-Line Chat. We will verify that your subscription was cancelled within the 60-day window and send you a coupon code that will waive the $49 Set-Up fee.

*Important* — When you cancel your subscription DO NOT UNINSTALL OR DELETE GORILLA on your computer! All your data resides on YOUR computer. We do not store ANY of your Gorilla data.

When you receive a new activation key, use that NEW key to activate the Gorilla program that already resides on your computer. In this way, all your Scheduling and Budgeting information will be instantly available to you.

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