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Free Call Sheet Template

We have 3 options for Call Sheets! Get your Free Call Sheet template here.

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Why do films have so many Producers?

Looking for a Call Sheet template? We have three options for you! Either download our free Call Sheet template in Microsoft Excel below, use Gorilla Scheduling to create your Call Sheets, or use Koala Call Sheets to create, professional, high-quality Call Sheets for your production.

Every production large or small needs a Call Sheet.

It’s probably one of the most important documents (aside perhaps from the script!) that is referred to all during production.

A Call Sheet contains usually contains the following:

  • Call Time (When the Crew needs to show up)
  • Location: Where the Crew needs to show up. Pretty important…
  • First Shot Scheduled Time
  • Scene Information to be Shot
  • Cast Needed on Set and their Makeup and On-Set Call Times
  • Hospital and Parking Information
  • Meal Break Times (Very Important!)
  • Any additional Notes needed for the Cast and Crew


Option 1: Download our FREE Call Sheet Template!

Available for FREE in Microsoft Excel format, you can download our Call Sheet Template. You can customize it in any way you want! For a link to the free download, just fill out the form below.

Option 2: Use Gorilla Scheduling to create your Call Sheets and Crew Lists 

Gorilla Scheduling is a full-on film and video production tool that can import screenplays from a screenplay program such as Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter, help you breakdown down your screenplay, adding Props, Costumes, Set Dressing and more, create a Stripboard to schedule your scenes on, create Call Sheets and over 80 other industry standard reports.

For a FREE download of Gorilla Scheduling, click the button below.

Option 3: Koala Call Sheets

Koala Call Sheets allows you to enter Scenes, Cast, Crew, Call Times, Shoot Days, Locations, Contact info and more and then gives you over a dozen different call sheet templates to choose from. You can print the Call Sheet or e-mail it to your Cast and Crew.

Below are only a few of the sample Call Sheets available in Koala Call Sheets.

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