Gorilla Budgeting Features

Gorilla Budgeting is a complete budgeting solution to help you budget and organize any media production.

Studio Productions

Indie Shoots

Student Film

Whether you are a working professional or an independent filmmaker or a student, Gorilla Budgeting combines power with simplicity. For over 18 years we have been serving filmmakers, and after tens of thousands of users, we think we got it down. Take the quick tour below for an overview of the many features of Gorilla Budgeting.

Let’s Begin.

Nothing is Left Out.

Gorilla Budgeting has everything you need to budget your production from dozens of templates to get started, simple navigation, up to 4 levels of budgeting, globals , fringes for unions and benefits, tax credits, an accounting and expense tracking module and more.

Step 1.

Select a Template

Dozens of samples, templates, and studio forms to choose from.


Pop in your Rates

Enter rates manually or use The Gorilla Ratebook.


Print Your Budget

Print your budget in an organized, industry-standard format.

What is a Global?


Attach Globals to Rates or Amounts.

Got Globals, Explain Fringes…


Supports Flat Rate and Percentage Fringes.

Credits… sounds like I want some.

Tax Credits

Tax incentives supported.

Currency Conversion

How it works

Setup as many conversions tables as needed.

Are we running out of money yet?


Track your expenses against your budget.

What is a Budget Subgroup?


You can group line items from any section of the budget.

All the Unions and Rates you want…

The Gorilla Ratebook

Thousands of industry rates available (separate purchase).

Gorilla Budgeting 7 scheduling

Import Your Cast, Crew, and more…

Integrate with Scheduling

Import Cast, Crew, or Locations from Scheduling.

Take the Tour

Watch a short video showing you how easy it is to get started with Gorilla Scheduling.


There are over 50 videos to help you learn Gorilla Scheduling.


Need help with installation or troubleshooting a problem? Here are the most commonly asked questions.

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