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Story Outlining.

Easy as …

Writers, Screenwriters, Novelists, Historical Outlines, Student Projects… anything that needs an outline, needs StoryO.

Designed for writers by writers.


Start with a Character, or an Idea…

Write the way you want.

The Timeline

Create story timelines and break them down into sequences.

The Old Way in the New Way…

Index Cards

Use index cards to record scenes, events, plot points and other details.

Drag and Drop and Move Around…

Different Views

View index cards by sequence/segment or view all the index cards attached to a particular character.

It’s Always About the Characters…

Character Database

Enter background information, conflicts, and character goals.  

Attach a Face…

Character Images

Attach character images using StoryO’s built-in library or use your own images. StoryO comes with 138 built-in character images from hero to villain and everything in between.

The Reason Why…


Attach characters to index cards and establish relationships between characters.

Lots of way to get the info out…


Export your index cards in screenplay format to Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Microsoft Word or other word processor. Export pre-production story elements to Gorilla.

Even ways to organize your story outline…


StoryO contains a dozen reports that help you view your ideas in multiple ways.

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