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Koala Call Sheets 2.5.3 (Macintosh)

Koala Call Sheets 2.5.3 (Windows)

Koala Call Sheets 2.x to 2.5.2 Updater (Macintosh)

Koala Call Sheets 2.x to 2.5.2 Updater (Windows)

Note: Koala Call Sheets version 2 is no longer supported, but is available for download.

Koala Call Sheets version 1 is longer supported and is not available for download. 

The latest version of Koala Call Sheets is version 3, which is an add-on to Gorilla Studio 8.

Features and Fixes

Koala 2.3.0 Added Features, Improvements & Fixes
1 [Compatibility] Compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15).
Koala 2.1.2 Added Features, Improvements & Fixes
1 [Fix] Main Location on Call Sheet fixed.
Koala 2.1.1 Added Features, Improvements & Fixes
1 [Feature] Move Cast Scheduled to Another Shoot Day.
2 [Feature] Move Crew Scheduled to Another Shoot Day.
3 [Feature] Place Location Info or Hospital Info in Call Sheet Header. This is set by a preference.
4 [Feature] Ability to specify a “Main Location” for a Shoot Day, as Locations are attached to Scenes and you can have multiple Locations per Shoot Day. The “Main Location” can be specified to print on the Call Sheet Header.
5 [Bug] Dupe Name not entered when selecting Keep Both when importing a projet with the same name as already entered in Koala. Fixed.
Koala 2.0.3 Added Features, Improvements & Fixes
1 [Feature] Added Print Notes at End option.
2 [Feature] Option to not print Contact info globally (phones/e-mails) for Cast. This is a new preference.
3 [Improvement] Crew in Header now sorts by sort order in Crew Scheduled for Project.
4 [Bug] Crew Phone/E-Mail did not import from Gorilla 6. This has been fixed.
Koala 2.0.2 Added Features, Improvements & Fixes
1 [New Feature] Four new Call Sheet templates added.
2 [Feature] Send PDF as Attachment Option added.
3 [Feature] Added preference to display Cast/Role and Crew/Title for longer names, titles, or roles on call sheet.
4 [New Feature] Added preference to display Board ID’s (or Cast ID’s) on a separate line allowing for more ID’s to display on call sheet.
5 [Feature] Added preference to print a default phone/e-mail entry to the Crew Header section in the header of the call sheet.
6 [Bug Fix] On the Shoot Day details screen, when moving to the next calendar day, sometimes went to another project’s shoot day. This has been fixed.
7 [Bug Fix] When deleting a Cast member it did not delete the Cast ID to display on the call sheet. This has been fixed.
8 [Bug Fix] Copy Parking to Another Shoot Day and Copy Notes to Another Shoot Day fixed.
Koala 2.0.0 Added Features, Improvements & Fixes
1 [New Feature] Catering Module: Full meals can now be entered with the ability to print a separate catering report.
2 [New Feature] Map Entry: You can attach a map (or any picture) to a call sheet.
3 [New Feature] Quote of the Day: Enter a Quote of the Day on your Call Sheet. Choose from over a hundred quotes or create your own.
4 [New Feature] Cast Board ID for Scenes: Ability to attach and display Cast Member ID’s for each scene.
5 [New Feature] Import Crew from another Call Sheet: You can now import crew members from a different Koala Call Sheet project as long as it is loaded into Koala Call Sheets.
6 [New Feature] Scene Note: You can now add a Scene note to each scene to print on the Call Sheet.
7 [New Feature] Duplicate Shoot Day: You can now duplicate a Shoot Day including all attached items to it.
8 [New Feature] Save Block Order: You can now save up to three block orders (order of displayed categories) for your call sheets.
9 [New Feature] Place in Header Only (Crew): Ability to display a crew member in the HEADER of the call sheet and not in the body of the call sheet.
10 [New Feature] Ability to not print Day X of Y on Call Sheet.
11 [New Feature] Ability to mark a call time as N/A.
12 [New Feature] Arial font replaced as default Windows font on call sheet print-outs (used to be Helvetica which is a Macintosh font).