Compare Movie Magic Scheduling

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Compare Gorilla Scheduling to Movie Magic Scheduling

Gorilla Scheduling has many more features than Movie Magic Scheduling, plus the ability to generate dozens of pre-built reports. Watch the comparison video below and take a look at the point-by-point comparison list.

Note: This video compares Gorilla 6 to Movie Magic Scheduling. We are working on a comparison video for Gorilla 7, which has more than 70 new features and a new design.

Product Comparison

Movie Magic
Import screenplay from Final Draft (.FDX file format)
Import screenplay from Screenwriter (.SEX file format)
Import screenplay from Celtx (.fountain file format)
Tag Elements for Scenes
On-Screen Screenplay Tagging
Reuse Tagged Element
Scene/Cast Call Sheet
Category Management
Cast Call Times
Crew Call Times
Sync Screenplay
Sync Schedule
Show Screenplay
Production Phases
Report Builder
Calendar Stripboard
Merge Breakdown Sheets
Print Industry-Standard Breakdown Sheets
Print Breakdown Sheets in Report View
Link Elements
Day out of Days
SAG/Exhibit G Information
Daily Production Report Information
Call Sheet Extras/Detail
Koala Call Sheets Integration
Actors & Crew Database
E-Mail Contacts
Create Storyboard & Shots
Attach Picture to Breakdown Sheet
Attach Elements to Shots
Location Photos and Fact Sheet
Attach Scenes to Locations
Assign Red Flags to Breakdowns
Episode Support