In the Jungle of Film Production it’s nice to have a Gorilla in your corner.

Jungle Software is the Industry’s #1 Film Production Software Suite!

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Gorilla Scheduling

Professional Film Scheduling

Industry-standard film scheduling for professionals and independents. Import screenplays, create breakdown sheets, stripboards, manage cast, crew & locations, create storyboards and much much more!

Gorilla Budgeting

Professional Film Budgeting

Industry-standard film budgeting that includes powerful features such as globals, fringes, sub-groups, tax credits, deferments, 4th level budgeting, union ratebook integration, expense tracking and so much more!

Koala Call Sheets

Got Call Sheets? Now you do.

Create, print, e-mail and text professional call sheets for film, television, and video productions.

Includes dozens of industry-standard call sheet templates with ability to further customize. Koala can be used for complex, professional studio films or for low budget/student productions, and everything in between.

The Gorilla Ratebook

The only union labor rate guide you'll ever need

The Gorilla Ratebook is the only union labor rate guide that fully integrates with budgeting software. Over 10,900 verified labor rates covering 154 union agreements are available at your fingertips! Use it as a standalone application or fully integrated with Gorilla.


Outline, Timeline, Develop, Write Away.

StoryO takes story organization to a whole other level! With StoryO, writers can enter ideas onto electronic index cards, rearrange and attach them to multiple sequences and timelines, then develop plot points, multiple story lines and characters along the way.

Outline Your Story On The Go!

Designed for writers by writers, StoryO iOS gives the writer a way to outline their story in broad strokes first, then flesh out details later. StoryO does not force specific writing methods, but instead allows each writer to design their own method and supports how they prefer to organize ideas and approach each story.