Software Piracy

Last updated  March 1, 2024.

The purchase of the Gorilla Scheduling and/or Budgeting software is actually the purchase of a license which gives you the right to install and use the software on devices that you own and operate with an active subscription period. Distributing and/or reproducing the Gorilla software applications or fonts for business or personal use is software piracy and is illegal and punishable by law.

Be aware that when you install the Gorilla software you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in the End User License Agreement. We urge you to read it and become familiar with its provisions.

Piracy comes in many forms and is committed by both businesses and individuals, usually intentionally but sometimes not. An intentional software pirate will (for example) duplicate a legitimate copy of a program and sell it for profit (or give it away). He or she may purchase academic versions of a program at a discounted price and sell them as full versions for profit. A business may purchase a minimal number of copies of a program and duplicate it on more computers than is allowed by the license.

An unintentional pirate will copy a program for a friend or allow the friend to install and use the program on his or her computer. This is not allowed by United States software law or by the Gorilla End User License Agreement.

Illegal Internet Distribution

Gorilla Scheduling and Budgeting is a subscription service. You can only purchase from Jungle Software, LLC to ensure that you purchase a legitimate subscription.

We reserve the right to use a hardware lock device, license administration software and/or a license authorization key to control access to the Gorilla software. You may not take any steps to avoid or defeat the purpose of any such measures. Use of any Jungle Software software without any required lock device or authorization key provided by Jungle Software is prohibited.